Shadows: The Truer and Better Adam


On the 6th day, the creative process was about to hit its climax. Though there hadn’t been any shortage of beauty and complexity in all that God had created, this one was going to be different. This one would be described as being “created in His image.” This one was meant to serve as a visible representation of the invisible God. This one would be given everything to enjoy – an unbelievable home, unlimited resources, and a beautiful companion. This one would be called to rule over all of creation.

On the 6th day, God created Adam, the first man. And Adam was the pinnacle of God’s creation.

But in just a few verses, Adam’s story goes from beautiful to tragic. We read that this very Adam decisively forfeits all that he was to do and to be for lesser desires and identities. Genesis 3 tells the story of Adam’s decision to disobey God’s will for his life. A decision that would lead to the entrance of sin, condemnation, and death into the perfectly created world. And sadly, his decision would affect the entire world. His story would become our story. In him, we all sinned, was condemned, and died.

On Sunday, we learned that Adam’s story, however, is not the end. The Scriptures tell us that Adam is just a shadow. Adam’s story simply leads us to a better story. The First Adam leads us to the Second Adam, Jesus. In Jesus, we find the truer and better Adam. Below, you will find a chart that compares and contrasts the two. Through it, we are reminded of how much better Jesus truly is.

The First Adam

The Second Adam

The first Adam was created in God’s image The second Adam is God’s image
The first Adam’s pride led him to want to be like God The second Adam’s humility led him to become a man
The first Adam’s act of disobedience brought death to all The second Adam’s act of obedience brings life to all
The first Adam’s sin brought condemnation The second Adam’s obedience brought justification
The first Adam’s disobedience makes the many sinners The second Adam’s obedience makes the many righteous
The first Adam was naked and felt shame The second Adam was stripped naked and bore our shame
The first Adam yielded to Satan in the Garden The second Adam defeated Satan on the cross
The first Adam chose to sin at a tree The second Adam chose to die for our sins on a tree
The first Adam deserted his bride and allowed her to die The second Adam died for his bride so that she can live
The first Adam was born sinless and died as a sinner The second Adam was born sinless and died on behalf of sinners

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