Preparing for SMR Gathered September 8th, 2013


This week we continue our series, Shadows, by introducing the story of the first man created by God: Adam. Adam, along with his wife, Eve, are names you may have heard even if you didn’t grow up in a church. You may immediately get images of a garden, apples, trees – and of course, these two seemingly free-spirited and naked people running around all willy nilly. But amid all of the bliss in the garden where they are fully alive and in communion with their Creator and with each other, something goes horribly wrong. In fact, a cosmic shift takes place that will change the course of history for all of humanity. And the spotlight is on Adam. As we explore the story of this first man penned on the first pages of Scripture, we’ll see another, infinitely better story emerge from the darkness. Read ahead in Genesis 2-3 before we talk through this on Sunday.

Here’s some of what we’re singing…

See you then!

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