Connext Conference

A few weeks ago, we had a great Sunday focusing on and celebrating church planting. Seven Mile Road is a new church that is committed to supporting and starting new churches. We want to be a church that plants churches that plants churches that plants churches. So, wherever there is an opportunity for us to encourage the work of church planting, we’re all in.

To that end, Binu and I will be getting in a car tonight at 10pm and driving through the night to Chicago to attend the Connext Conference. Connext is a national conference aimed at folks who are engaged in ministry among South Asians. Our hope is to connect with other guys around the country who are involved or interested in the world of church planting. I’ll be leading a seminar and helping Sam Chacko (LOFT City Church) facilitate a forum.

As an added bonus, Jim is in town from Bombay and will be making the drive with us. He’ll have an opportunity at the conference to share on the work of Bombay Teen Challenge.

Seven Mile Road, here are three things I’d ask you to pray:

  1. That God would use us as a catalyst to promote and encourage the work of church planting among South Asians.
  2. That God would raise up laborers by calling some young men to give their lives to this work.
  3. That God would bless Jim with folks who are interested in partnering with the work of BTC.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

One thought on “Connext Conference

  1. Sam says:

    Welcome to Chicago and to Connext … looking forward to meeting you all. God is doing something new in our community … so excited about it.

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