Preparing for SMR Gathered July 21st, 2013


This week we kick off our series in the book of Psalms. The first Psalm we’ll be considering is Psalm 73. In preparation for this series, I’ve read and reread this Psalm a few times over the past weeks. And each time I have, it’s been like a breath of fresh, honest, transparent, hopeful, reviving air. Now, if you have read it through already and are wondering why I would think so (especially with lines like ‘How they are destroyed in a moment, swept away utterly by terrors’), I get it. It sounds a tad bit sadistic. But I assure you, I don’t stay up at night dreaming of the destruction of my fellow man. And neither does the writer of this Psalm. But nonetheless, he is struggling. With doubt. With being content. With anger. All of these are emotions that we wrestle with ourselves. Yet, within the many overwhelming emotions felt in this Psalm, there is also found great wisdom. Words that anchor us in our Christian lives. I’d encourage you to read this Psalm a few times before Sunday as well and pray that the Spirit would make it come alive to you.

Here’s what we’ll be singing (note, there are a couple of *new songs this week)…

See you Sunday.

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