Preparing for SMR Gathered July 7th, 2013

Mission. It’s a concept that we talk and preach about often at Seven Mile Road. It’s a concept birthed from an experience with the gospel of Christ that causes us to engage in different ways with the people around us. Mission calls us to serve those in need. To lovingly testify of the gospel. To give. To welcome. To sacrifice. Trying to be on mission often seems difficult enough on an individual basis, how then are we supposed to consider our families when it comes to mission? What about the safety our families? Comfort? Security? Needs?

This week we get to hear from Reid Monaghan, one of the pastors of Jacob’s Well, a church that is dear to Seven Mile Road. He’ll preach from Luke 12:22-34 about what mission families who trust in Christ should be pursuing. Seven Mile Road, this is a sermon we need to hear. Pray for Reid as he prepares to preach from God’s Word. And pray for your own hearts as you prepare to hear from God’s Word.

Here’s what we’re singing…

Wonderful King
Song of the Saints
In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross
Jesus All For Jesus
Forever Reign

See you on Sunday!

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