Praising God and Eating Crayons


The following post was written by Amy Spencer. Amy shares her thoughts on Sunday School ministry at Seven Mile Road and her experiences in serving our children alongside her husband, Keith. 


Admittedly, “teaching” the 2 year old Sunday School class doesn’t always feel like the highest form of ministry. I say “teaching” because some days it’s more like herding cats or supervising mud wrestling, only with crackers and a craft. That being said, the 2 year old Sunday School class is absolutely important to the ministry of 7 Mile Road. Not just because our 2 year olds will soon grow to be our twenty year olds on mission, but also because it allows their parents to focus on the Word as it is taught by our incredible pastoral staff.

Our church has been blessed by Sunday School rooms full of children who will grow up together, learning to forgive one another, pray together, and serve their community side by side. Those of you who have heard my “time line” know that I came to faith through the leadership and example of my peers – Christian friends I had in high school and college. Through Sunday School, our children are beginning to forge such relationships upstairs on Sunday mornings, and they are invaluable. The experience of belonging to this consistent nurturing community of believers is our kids’ first exposure to the truth that all believers are their brothers and sisters in Christ.

As our adult congregation is blessed by our pastors’ explanation of the Word, what a gift it is for our children to receive the Word in a way that is tailored to their level of understanding! Keith and I enjoyed trying to figure out creative ways to help them understand and remember the teaching each week. I’m not sure how well it “stuck”, but that’s not the point as I see it. Simply participating in a community that regularly discusses the love of Jesus and the Word is wonderful at that young age. Repetition over time will allow the lessons to shape their hearts. We are simply sharing the good news and showing them the love of Jesus by example.

Sunday School has also been a great blessing to us as parents as well. Penelope is two years old. I cannot imagine what church would be like if I needed to try to keep our sweet, timid, quiet (I’m laughing as I type this) Penelope sitting with us during the sermon. Though we look forward to having her join us in a few years for the entire service, Sunday School has allowed us to absorb the teachings from the pulpit during this season of Penelope’s life. I have the joy of knowing she is making friends, learning about Jesus’ love, enjoying a craft, learning to participate in a classroom setting, and likely snatching toys from other children (sorry, Asha!).

It is a gift to participate in this ministry, and we appreciated the opportunity to love the kids in our care. It was a blessing to me and Keith to get to know some of our 7 Mile families better, and I pray our kids were blessed by the teaching. I look forward to picking purple crayon out of (child shall remain nameless)’s molars – – uh, I mean, sharing the good news of Christ’s love with our children – – again next year.

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