Preparing for SMR Gathered June 2nd, 2013

All of us have relationships. Whether it be the simple gesture of a “hello” as someone walks by, the cold shoulder given to someone you can’t stand to be around, or the deep bond shared with a friend that has spanned for decades, we interact with people everyday. These relationships are between young and old, men and women, boss and employee, and peer to peer. For most of us, these relationships haven’t always been perfect. There is brokenness and hurt. Disrespect and awkwardness. And we are tired.

For the church in Ephesus, there were unhealthy relationships all over the place.

But in the gospel, we find that in brokenness, God gives abounding grace and brings restoration to these relationships. And not just for the sake of awkward conversations to cease,  but because that’s what the gospel does for those who believe it and are transformed by it. It changes the way we talk, live, and relate to one another. As we hear Paul this week from 1 Tim 5:1-2 and 6:1-2, we’ll hear a man who has seen broken relationships at the church in Ephesus, cast a vision for gospel transformed relationships for us at Seven Mile Road.

Here’s what we’re singing…

See you on Sunday!

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