Preparing for SMR Gathered May 26th, 2013

Suppose you were invited to attend a dinner at the home of a wealthy estate owner. As you drive up to the entrance of the home there is a closed gate. Unfortunately, the gatekeeper has taken a trip to the hardware store to pickup some fresh paint and WD-40 to spruce up this hunk of metal he has been appointed to control. Is the paint chipping? Yes. Do the hinges squeak? Horribly. But what good is handling any of these issues if the gatekeeper doesn’t do what he is primarily there for? To open and close the gate. This week, we’ll hear Paul tell Timothy what he needs to be about and focused on as a servant of Jesus. While there are a myriad of areas that are important and need Timothy’s attention, particularly as a pastor, Paul wants him to hone in on two things so that what is vital is not ignored. Paul’s words to Timothy are not just for Timothy, but are for all of us.

Here’s what we’re singing…

See you this Sunday!


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