Mom: A Humble Servant


By Shainu Thomas

This week’s post about service coupled with Mother’s Day coming up got me thinking about my mom. I was richly blessed to be born to two Christian parents. My Dad was the spiritual head of our house. There was no doubt about it. He was the one who taught me how to pray using scripture as my guide. My earliest memories are that of my father telling us bedtime stories – making the Bible come alive to us in such an animated fashion. He was on the ‘frontlines’ teaching my sister and me about Jesus.

But equally seared in my mind are memories of my Mom on the sideline. See, while Dad was making the scriptures come alive to us, she was humbly serving as she prepared dinner for us or got the house in order. I have memories of her silently praying over me as I struggled through nights and seasons of serious illness.

Even recently, she has continued to serve as she has taken care of me after the births of my two children and after a recent miscarriage. Without a word of complaint or hesitance, she has been ready to take up the basin and towel. You see if she had complained of having to slog in the kitchen while my Dad narrated stories, my memories would have been different. Her willingness to serve without complaining, allowed me to meet Jesus at a very young age. A servant is not very often noticed, but he or she can make a world of a difference. Jesus promised that even a cup of cold water given to one of His little ones would not go unrewarded. How many rewards await my mother! My mother did not point me to Jesus through many words, but did so through countless silent actions. For that, on this Mother’s Day, and forever, I will be grateful.

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