Preparing for SMR Gathered April 14th, 2013

Growing up as a kid, I’m sure the thought of being disciplined never brought a smile to your face. In fact, for me, I wondered why parents would ever treat their children in a way that seemed unpleasant! And so I vowed to never discipline my kids when I had my own. This silly thinking, however, is also how many of us view how God should treat us. We’ll say, “If God loves us and wants us to be happy, why not forever let us live and let live!” It’s true that God loves us. But it’s also true that God knows that our happiness is not found in living however we want, but that our eternal and true satisfaction is found in a life that is guided by the One who has created life itself. And so when we wander away from God, which we will, He calls us back to himself, pleading with us to turn from sin and deceit, and to believe in the gospel, because of His great love and concern for our souls. For God, discipline is not punitive, but it is restorative. God, in his grace, has called the church to be a part of this restorative process so that when we wander from the Truth, we would be pulled back to our senses. Hear the sermon on The Beauty of Church Discipline here.

This week, we’ll consider The Beauty of Prayer. A life that properly emerges from the gospel, includes prayer for the salvation of all people. Paul calls for the Ephesian church to pray all kinds of prayers for all kinds of people. Hear Paul’s heart this Sunday as we preach from 1 Timothy 2:1-7.

Here’s what we’re singing:

See you on Sunday.

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