By Name


If you’re a Christian, take a moment to consider everyone who was involved in your journey of coming to trust in Jesus. The long conversations with friends over dinner, the teachers you have sat under, the authors that challenged your thinking… all of these men and women were used by God to scatter gospel truths on your heart. But what was less apparent was the invaluable work being done for you behind the scenes – a type of work that acknowledges our ultimate dependency on God for salvation. The work of prayer. One of the primary ways we are called to participate in God’s work of redemption is by interceding for others in prayer.

All of us know at least one person in our life who hasn’t believed in the person and work of Jesus Christ. What would it look like for us to labor daily for them in prayer in the way that others have for us?

Beginning on February 24, each of us will have the opportunity to do just that. It’s called the “By Name initiative. For five-weeks, we are asking everyone at Seven Mile Road Church to make a commitment to pray every day for at least one person by name asking for God’s saving and renewing grace to break into their life. As a church, we are pleading that God would grow our hearts for this world and provide us with opportunities to share our life and the gospel with those who do not know Him.

Your GCM leaders will be providing you with more details on this effort during the week. Throughout the next five weeks, we will also be sharing stories, teaching on prayer, and encouragement to help us persevere in praying for others. Let’s ask God to use this season to teach us how to pray and place on our hearts specific people who need to encounter the life-transforming power of the gospel.

“We find that most of us who have been converted have had someone praying for us, someone who carried us personally to the throne of God while we were unconverted. It seems to me that no one is so poor as an individual for whom not a single soul is praying, and who has no one who takes him or her personally and persistently to God in prayer.” – Prayer, Ole Hallesby

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