A Biblical Understanding of Homosexuality: Resources

On Sunday, we considered what the Scriptures teach concerning homosexuality. We earnestly sought to preach with grace and truth, avoiding condemnation or compromise. You can hear the sermon here. For those who may be interested in studying further, here are some of the resources I found helpful in understanding both sides of the issue.

Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views
Written by two scholars, one for homosexual practice and the other opposed. A good book for seeing how the Bible is engaged by both sides. Robert Gagnon, the contributor who considers homosexuality sinful, also wrote The Bible and Homosexual Practiceconsidered by many to be the most important scholarly work on the subject.

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
Written by Rosanne Butterfield, an English professor who came to faith in Christ and was radically transformed. Though part of her story includes leaving a lesbian lifestyle, her memoir is not primarily about homosexuality. It is the story of the massive all-of-life-overhaul that occurs when Jesus finds you. She is an excellent writer and I’ve really enjoyed the book. Her thoughts on conversion are gold.

Washed and Waiting
Written by Wesley Hill, a Christian man who has same-sex attraction but is celibate because of his faith in Christ. I have only read a few pages, but it comes highly  recommended and I intend to read it.

Matt Chandler Seminar on Homosexuality
This is the preacher I referenced on Sunday. It’s the best lecture I’ve heard on the subject and some of my content and structure for Sunday’s sermon came from this talk. The third video is a Q&A session which is extremely helpful with practical application.

My Coming Out as a Friend of Dan Cathy
I wrote this in my notes but forgot to mention it on Sunday. This is an article written by Shane Windmeyer, the executive director of Campus Pride, the leading organization for LGBT college students and a group that was protesting Chik-Fil-A. A great picture of tolerance – where people can passionately disagree with strong convictions – and yet be civil, even friends.

Homosexuality, Christianity, and the Gospel
A series of blog posts written by JD Greer that summarize well the issue from a Biblical perspective.

I also watched two documentaries, For the Bible Tells Me So and Fish Out of Water. Both depict the modern effort to find Biblical support for homosexuality.


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