Preparing for SMR Gathered February 17, 2013

Last week we continued our “What Is a Healthy Church?” series in 1 Timothy 1:3-11.  Click here for the audio from last week’s sermon. As we considered Paul’s warning against false teachers, we said that true doctrine is all about Jesus, rooted in a love for God and for people, and that it is for sinners. True doctrine, therefore, should not merely be pursued for intellectual or selfish gain, but as a confession of our need for God’s truth to affect our thinking and living. This means, at Seven Mile Road, the gospel (who Jesus is, what he has done, how that affects us) is central to all we do; everything else is secondary at best.

This week, we’ll be revisiting a section of the passage we preached on last week. As we preach and study through books of the Bible at SMR, it offers us the chance to understand each book in its own context, its application for our lives, and its connection to the whole of Scripture – as it all points to Christ. We also get to engage and preach on issues, such as racism and abortion, that have become apart of the spirited discourse in our public squares. This week, as we continue our series in 1 Timothy, we will consider what the Scriptures say about homosexuality. As we preach through this issue that has polarized not only our government and country, but even our churches, may we pray that God gives us both humility and a deep love for His Word. As the material may be sensitive for younger children, parents are welcome to send children who otherwise sit through service to Sunday School for this week.

Here’s the setlist for Sunday:

See you on Sunday.

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