Healthy Church: 1 Timothy Sermon Series


It was 65AD, and the church plant at Ephesus was in trouble.

False teaching had found its way to the pulpit. Legalism led people astray. Violent men and obnoxious women were wreaking havoc in worship. Relationships were a mess between children and their parents, servants and masters, men and women, the young and the old. The wealthy disdained generosity and held onto their possessions with tight fists. Sin had run wild and was ruining everything; threatening to destroy the young church at Ephesus.

Into this mess, the Apostle Paul sends a letter to his young apprentice Timothy. Timothy had been charged with remaining at Ephesus where he was to repair the damage, restore beauty, and lead the church back to health.

That letter has survived for about 2000 years in our Bibles where it is now known as the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy, or I Timothy. Beginning this Sunday and for the next five months, we are going to immerse ourselves in this letter and the story of this church.

Throughout I Timothy, Paul offers beautiful, godly, pastoral wisdom on how the Ephesians should conduct themselves if they are going to be a healthy church. This is wisdom that every church in every time and place needs.

So listen to this timely word from the Apostle Paul. Consider the church at Ephesus back then and hear what Jesus has to say to us at Seven Mile Road today.

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