8 years and 1 day


It’s how long I will have worked in the Admissions department at Cairn University. Today will be the last day that I walk into my office as a full-time employee at the institution. It’s a familiar place. It was actually my first job out of college. Over the years, I’ve developed great friendships. I’ve come to know the in’s and out’s of the school. I’ve been here during the good times and the bad. But in just a few hours, it will all come to an end.

In it’s place comes something brand new – something that I am both extremely excited about and completely anxious for. On January 27, I will be called to assume the role of a Pastor at Seven Mile Road Church.  Even typing that out feels a bit surreal. Though I’ve desired to pastor for a very long time, it’s hard to believe that it’s about to happen. This is truly an undeserving gift from my Father.

My ideas concerning pastoring really took shape during a course titled Pastoral Practice that I took at Cairn. Prof. Ristuccia was teaching us about Jesus, our Chief Shepherd. We considered the way He loves us, pursues us, protects us, guards us from error, leads us to truth, and disciplines us for our good. Jesus is The Good Shepherd. The sheep solely belong to Him and He knows them better than anyone else. Sitting in that class, I was overwhelmed by Jesus’ care for me and my needs. As a recipient of such care, God birthed in my heart a desire to do the same for others.

Seven Mile Road, I am so grateful that God has given me the opportunity to serve all of you. I am relying on His grace to give me the wisdom, strength, and boldness that I need to be your shepherd. In just a couple of years, God has given me a great love for you. Please pray for me – that my life and service would lead you to even greater affection for the Chief Shepherd.

One thought on “8 years and 1 day

  1. This Karen University … it offers degrees in sheep herding?

    Seriously though, super delighted about this Binu, you will be the one who benefits the most from this call as you learn the desperation of leaning into the Spirit’s grace with a task before you that you are not able to handle in your own strength. Ajay and the crew will benefit a ton as well, as well as many who have not yet believed the gospel but will be counted among the Seven Mile Philly flock in the years to come.

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