$53K in December

On the first Sunday of the new year, we devoted time in our service to encouraging one another by recounting God’s faithfulness to us as individuals and as a church family. Part of what we celebrated was how the people of Seven Mile Road gave in 2012. Some highlights:

  • We came into December averaging $16K/month.
  • At the beginning of December, we were headed towards ending the year with a deficit of $17,000.
  • In December, we received $53,000 in giving!
  • Our congregational giving exceeded our budget goal for the year (which was already a 20% increase from the year before, and a 45% increase from the year before that).
  • We will have given away about $36,000 in 2012 towards church planting, benevolence, mercy ministries, and global missions. Since we began in 2009, we have given away about $82,000 to Jesus’ broader kingdom work.

To borrow a friend’s phrase, we are a ‘snail fart’ of a church. Small. Unimpressive. Puttering along. But God is glorious and we boast in Him.

Soli Deo Gloria!

One thought on “$53K in December

  1. Jane kennedy says:

    We server an AWESOME GOD!

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