Monday Morning Stream of Consciousness

  • My heart is full from this weekend.
  • I went to sleep and woke up with joy.
  • Shainu hosted a bunch of women from the Northeast Mom’s Club for a Holiday cookie-swap on Thursday and over 25 SMR ladies for a Holiday Brunch on Saturday. I’m an introvert and so that would kill me. She’s an extrovert so it energizes her. Everyone seemed to have a great time.
  • Our house is in full-on Christmas mode. Lights, tree, candles, wreaths, bows, the works. You couldn’t be a scrooge if you tried.
  • I love singing Christmas songs in our corporate worship.
  • The band was bigger and fuller than it’s ever been. Talking with Siby about making sure that as the band grows, we don’t drown out the congregation. It is good and right to hear the people of God sing. I love that it’s never felt like a concert. I don’t want to lose that.
  • Preaching though books of the Bible is a great discipline because it forces you to preach passages that you would otherwise skip because it’s too tough, or because it’s so basic you assume everyone knows it already, or whatever. Yesterday was a good example of that.
  • I have loved preaching 1 John.
  • We had a Core Group meeting after service. Probably one of the most important ones we’ve had to date. The highlight of the meeting was talking through calling our first elder.
  • Lord willing, we’ll move towards a plurality of elders in 2013. Still soaking in what a blessing that is. God is so gracious.
  • I’ve heard from numerous people that they were deeply encouraged by the unity that we have. What a gift from God.
  • We must ceaselessly pray that God would help us to be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph. 4). We must tirelessly pray that God would keep away gossip, slander, division, fractions, factions, teams, malice, and all the rest. We must be courageous to crush this if it should ever rear its ugly head. God help us.
  • Seven Mile Road laughs a lot when we’re together. I love that.
  • Came home and had people come over to eat food and watch football. Fantastic combination.
  • Planning to get away at some point over the next three weeks for prayer, planning, and prep for 2013. Seeing if I can rope in some of the Elder Track guys to join me.
  • Excited for the days ahead.

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