Sunday Night Stream of Consciousness

  • Sundays are wonderfully exhausting. I’m usually up before 5am and end up crashing on the couch watching Sunday Night football. 
  • Our Sunday service brings me so much joy.
  • I love Seven Mile Road Church (church = people)
  • Though we’re not preaching a “Christmas series” I loved beginning our service with an emphasis on Advent.
  • Come Lord Jesus Come.
  • Our corporate singing feels like it gets better and better. At some points, it feels like full-blown shouting. Or maybe that’s cause I sit near Dennis.
  • The sermon today put people to sleep and brought people to tears. The same sermon. Preaching’s a weird animal.
  • It is an incredible, undeserved privilege to be a preacher of God’s word and a pastor of God’s people.
  • The kinds of suffering people have gone through and are going through is heartbreaking.
  • 1 John has been unbelievably rich.
  • We have three weeks of giving left for 2012. I have conflicted feelings when it comes to our giving.
  • On the one hand, we’re three years old and are already financially self-sufficient (I hate that phrase, just can’t think of a better one right now). We’re giving away close to 20% of our local giving to global missions and church planting. All of that is unbelievable. Seriously.
  • And yet at the same time, if all our people tithed (let alone, if we gave generously, above and beyond 10%), we would blow our budget out of the waters. Seriously, it wouldn’t even be close.
  • I really believe that we’ll get there. We’ve been given so much. So I repeatedly ask God that we would be marked by generosity like the church in Macedonia (2 Cor. 8).
  • Love eating with people after service on Sundays. Need to be more intentional about this.
  • Shainu converted Jenny and Larissa into fans of Food Castle. Jenny described it as “bangin.” She describes lots of things that way.
  • Bought a Christmas tree with Hannah this afternoon. She had a blast picking it out.
  • Football is a gift from God.
  • Bryce Brown is running the ball like a beast.
  • Up 17-10 at halftime. Imagine the Eagles win this game. How bad would that make the Cowboys?
  • Facebook informs me that Anne Dietrich is the Women’s Lacrosse Coach for Nyack College! Way to go Anne!
  • Sundays are a gift from God. Felt really moved at the end of our service to ask God to help us not waste the Sabbath. We get 1 day in 7 to set apart to the Lord. To rest. To enjoy community. To think deeply about God. To be unhurried. What blessing we forfeit when we neglect the Lord’s Day. May God help us to receive the benefits of Sabbath.

One thought on “Sunday Night Stream of Consciousness

  1. Curt says:

    sheeze. I like this. maybe i should do something like this. OK maybe not. too dangerous.

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