The Person Jesus

Preaching through 1 John has brought me closer to Jesus.

Maybe it’s because John was Jesus’ best friend, but I get the sense that John isn’t primarily interested in introducing us to truth, or doctrine, or religion, or a set of beliefs. While Christianity has all of that, Christianity is more than that. John is introducing us to a person. A real, actual person. A person he knew and loved and worshipped. As important as truth and doctrines are, a set of beliefs did not die on the cross for you. Nails weren’t put through a creed. A person died for you. His name is Jesus. And John’s concern is, do you know Him? Do you love Him?

The Pharisees are a reminder to us that you can love theology, love doctrine, love religion, love ministry, and not love Jesus Christ. Our faith is not impersonal. The question is not, do we know, love, believe, trust in it? No. Do we know, love, believe, trust in Him? Are we praying to Him? Are we obeying Him? Are we growing in our relationship with Him?

This is what makes Jesus so unique. Other religions and spiritual leaders will say, here is truth, believe in it. Jesus says, I am the truth, believe in me. Other religions say, here is the way to God, or the way to life. Jesus says, I am the way and the life. Ultimately, Christianity leads us not to a set of beliefs, but to a person. The Person Jesus Christ. And Seven Mile Road, I hope the Spirit has been using John’s letter to help you get closer to Him. 

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