Murdered Son

Though I earn part of my living playing Christian music, oddly enough, I’m not a big fan of what’s out there today. Call me old-fashioned, but I like rich content and creative artistry (in both style and lyric) in the music I listen to. This may explain why 75% of the songs we sing at SMR are several centuries old! Amid the ocean of mediocre Christian music out there (I’ll get off of my soapbox in a moment), there are a few that I really do like. One of my favorite artists in the industry today is John Mark McMillan. His lyrics paint pictures of biblical truth that draw you in to just sit for a while and listen. We regularly sing two of his songs already (He Loves Us & Sins Are Stones), and this week we’ll sing another. Listen to it here and see the lyrics below. Can’t wait to sing with you this week!

By John Mark McMillan

You set us up above all the stars
You set us on a high place by where you are
While we were dead you made us your friends
And scattered our debt upon the wind

Glory to One
God’s murdered son
Who paid for my resurrection

Once from the dust, once from the grave
Daughters and sons from the ashes you’ve raised
And hidden our faults even from your own face
And scattered our debt upon the waves

Glory to the one who
Who overcame in death
Glory to the one
Who paid for my offenses
Glory to the one…

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