SoulCare Leaders

SoulCare is a major component to life at Seven Mile Road. Like the two men travelling on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24), these community groups are where our people have the opportunity to wrestle with the good news of Jesus Christ and consider how it translates into their own lives. We have heard numerous stories from folks who have seen Jesus with fresh eyes, been led to a new sense of transparency and honesty concerning their sins, and have experienced transformation through active confession and repentance. As each group works to unpack the gospel, we see communities being strengthened and lives being changed. We’re truly grateful to the Lord for what He’s doing through our SoulCare groups.

Yet none of this has been easy. For one thing, SoulCare groups involve people. People are messy. We come with baggage and struggles, false-beliefs and opinions, pride and selfishness. And these groups have been intentionally trying to confront our messy lives with the eye-opening, mind-renewing, heart-changing gospel. That’s no small thing, but it’s one of the reasons why these groups exist.

For nearly a year, 21 individuals from Seven Mile Road have been used to accomplish such work within 7 different groups. They’ve organized gatherings, prepared and led studies, openly shared their lives and sins, reminded us of the gospel, pointed us to Jesus, and walked alongside us in our struggles. These men and women have worked hard to serve the people of our church. And again, it hasn’t been easy. Some of our leaders are burnt-out and others feel ill-equipped. Some just need a break and others want more direction. But all of them want to see lives being continually changed. We’re grateful for our leaders. We know that we’ve asked a lot from them in leading these groups and we want to spend this summer equipping them to fulfill their roles.

With that in mind, we are designing an 8-session training program for our leaders beginning in late May. These sessions are designed to help our leaders think through and be better prepared to handle the primary needs of their roles. We will also use these gatherings to unveil the new vision and structure of our community groups. There’s much to be accomplished, but we’re excited for this next season of community life at Seven Mile Road.

Here’s an overview of what your leaders will be covering during the summer:

  • Session 1: Assessment of Current Groups / Presentation of New Vision/Structure
  • Session 2: Developing Gospel-Fluency
  • Session 3: SoulCare: Why and How?
  • Session 4: Leading a Study: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Session 5: Bringing Life to Your Community
  • Session 6: Being a Community on Mission
  • Session 7: Creating a Covenant for Your Community Group
  • Session 8: Praying for Your Community Group & Preparation for Launch

Take a moment to pray for your leaders. Maybe send them an encouraging email. God has used these men and women to challenge and encourage our lives. Ask God that He would use this time of training to refresh and strengthen their souls.


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