BTC Mission Trip: A Reflection

By Kosj Yamoah: Where do I begin?

This trip was truely a multi-faceted mission trip. One that I have always wanted to see and be a part of. We had several awesome aspects of ministering going on simultaneously-consisting of daily workshops/teachings, the teams photography and media development, medical camps at the red light district, the electronic medical records implementation at Ashagram, as well as preaching and music ministry together with Michael Lawler. This was a very busy yet exciting mission trip. It felt like every one of us on this trip needed to be there. God was working in our lives every where I turned.

Saturday Feb 18th kicked off with a time of relaxation much like a sabbath time after an intense week of work. The team in Ashagram enjoyed a game of Soccer with the boys. Then we had a long trip to the Red light church for the evening service, where I led worship and Jon George and Beth Grant both brought us a powerful message.

Sunday was a time for shopping and regrouping. Monday Feb 20th kicked off with a medical camp at the heart of the red light district. The day began with praise music playing in the heart of the red light district. This scenario felt like a victorious declaration of the presence of Light shining in the darkness. We were short-staffed without a few of the members of the team making the clinic somewhat busier than that experienced last week. At the end of the clinic day we were invited by Devaraj to meet and pray with a few of the girls in the brothels who have been touched by the ministry of Bombay Teen Challenge and have accepted Christ and yet due to fear of the unknown are reluctant to leave their state of slavery into a life of freedom and abundant life. May we continue to pray for a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

What an amazing trip! More prayer for Winson who stays on for a few more days to continue the good work.


2 thoughts on “BTC Mission Trip: A Reflection

  1. John says:

    While I applaud your eforts in helping such poor people of INDIA. I do not think it is good to convert them to christianity in the name of service. But thanks for your service its great to see.

  2. Kosj says:

    Contrary to what one might expect we were actually the ones transformed by serving these amazing Indians. These were men and women, boys and girls who are already thirsty for God and we just went alongside to encourage and help them. They blessed us as much as we did and sharing our testimony of Christ being the basis of all we do was the beautiful fruit of this relationship. If only you had been there to experience this first-hand.

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