Jesus Wants You More Than He Wants Your Work

On Sunday we preached through Luke 10:38-42 and Lord, Teach Us To Pray When We Are Busy. Here are some questions for you and/or your SoulCare Community to apply the preached word.

  1. How is your devotional life?
  2. Can you identify with Martha? How?
  3. Martha is described in the story as “distracted”,” anxious”, and “troubled by many things.”Do these descriptions fit you?
  4. If you find yourself “too busy to pray” what might be the deeper issue in your life leading to your prayerlessness?
  5. What makes you choose much serving (Martha in vs. 40) over sitting at the Lord’s feet and listening to His teaching (Mary in vs. 39)?
  6. How does the gospel address us when we find our identity/self-worth/value in our work and productivity?
  7. Jesus wants you more than He wants your work. If you believed this, what difference would it make in your life?

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