BTC Mission Trip: A Reflection

By Shibu Daniel: I had no idea what to expect as I prepared to come to India for a mission’s trip.  You see, being a planner, this uncertainty doesn’t sit well with me. All I knew for certain was that I will be taking pictures and helping with the EMR (that’s Electronic Medical Records, for the non-clinical folks) system, that the team is charged with setting up.   Being a control freak, it was a test of faith for me to leave the rest up to God.  I came to realize soon that “leaving it in God’s hands” is a common theme with all the folks I’ve met here at BTC.

One of the highlights of my time here was spending my birthday at the Jeveen Jyoti house. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see the LOVE these little ones have for Jesus.  I pray that we can teach our kids to love the Lord just as much.  These kids completely leave it all up to God.

This morning it was time to pack up as we were leaving Ashagram and heading back to Bombay,  but not before a game of soccer with some of the guys.  I think there was a slight controversy over the score but everyone had a good time.  The trip from Ashagram to Bombay lasted a few hours, but this game me a great opportunity to hear the testimony of the medical team members.  I won’t go in to detail, as it not my story to tell, but it was another example of how when left in God’s hand and done for his glory that things work out and most times better that you planned for your self.

Thank you all for your continual prayers for us and the folks at BTC, they are indeed felt here.


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