BTC Mission Trip: Day 5

By Sue Osborn: Hello from India. When I was asked to blog about my experience in Mumbai, I knew right away that I wanted to share with all of you about Jeevan Jyoti. This is  where I had the privilege to meet a beautiful young girl that  has touched my heart in such a profound way!

Jeevan Jyoti , a home for young boys and girls rescued from poor and heartbreaking lives is located in the heart of the Red Light area – a place where there is sin and bondage. A place where I can see young kids as young as three  roaming dirty streets.  All around I see hopelessness and extreme poverty. In the midst of all that darkness and sadness, I can see God’s hand on some amazing kids that have been rescued from all of that.

Her name is Lisa, and she is six years old now.  At the age of two or three, Bombay Teen Challenge found her roaming the streets. Her parents abandoned  her at a early age. She had no shelter, no food or clothes, and no one to love her.  Her life was bleak until she was rescued and brought to Jeveen Jyoti.  She ran up to me and gave me a hug as soon as she saw me. I saw such joy in her eyes, she was a ball of energy. We sat together and she shared with me how God has saved her, and through Bombay Teen Challenge she is safe and feels loved.

As we were preparing to say bye to the children, she ran up to me and asked if she could pray for me!  I was shocked, here I thought I was ministering to the young ones, instead I was being ministered to.  She held my hands tight and prayed a fervent prayer, with such a pure heart. I felt blessed to meet such a beautiful person and I pray you all get to meet her one day.

By Jilu George: Hi, everyone! I can’t believe my trip to Mumbai and BTC is coming to a close! Sue, Vickie and myself are getting ready to leave BTC today and head back home. It has been an incredible 5 days. We have been able to accomplish so much in such little time. I would need pages and pages to describe to you all that I’ve experienced (and I hope to be able to meet you one day to share my experience with you personally). I have been able to meet so many women and children who have freely shared their testimony with me. No matter how different their stories may be, one theme remains the same. All of them have told me that they have found and truly experienced the love of Jesus Christ. God has proven to be true in their lives and He is the reason that they have been restored.

If I could tell you one thing it is that Bombay Teen Challenge is doing an incredible service in Mumbai. I am so thankful for BTC and to the men and women who have devoted their lives to saving and restoring these women and children. We must continue to support this organization both financially and through fervent prayer. God is so good! Thank you BTC for opening my eyes to see beyond my limited view and to see God’s love in such a new beautiful way.


One thought on “BTC Mission Trip: Day 5

  1. Bindu Chowritmootoo says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I started to hear the words to the song “How Great Is Our God, Sing With Me How Great Is Our God”….May God continue to bless these children!

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