Our First Elder Track Weekend

We kicked off our first ever Elder Track. This included getting together on a Monday night for four hours to basically do SoulCare on steroids and then spending three days together in Orlando at an Acts 29 Conference (minus Joe who couldn’t get the days off and was sorely missed). Some brief reflections:

I love these men. I have a genuine, real, non-awkward friendship with each of these guys. They’re humble. They’re teachable. They’re open to hearing from God and from one another. They’re striving for greater godliness in their lives. They’re not just partners in ministry, they’re friends. I know that has some dangers to be cautious of – but I take heart that at least some of the key guys in Jesus’ ministry were also dear friends.

We didn’t waste time getting real with each other. I joke about the first time I did ‘soulcare’ with some of our guys. For about five months, a group of 7MR men would meet weekly and it seemed like I was the only guy in the room who ever sinned. It took a long time to build trust and have guys let you in beyond the surface. With this, within ten minutes, it seemed like we were miles deep into the souls of each man. Neat to know that there’s potential for this to be a really good, raw, and intense year together.

Orlando was great for so many reasons. 80 degree weather in February. Being around other Acts 29 brothers. Time away to think big picture. Learning from godly men. Having a blast with the guys from 7MR Boston (picture above). Me picking a hotel 26 miles from the conference to save $10 and having to repent publicly for my sinful cheapness. Dennis making us laugh so hard in the car together I swerved a few times in between lanes. The gold that came out of Ray Ortlund’s mouth (an A29 pastor from Nashville that dripped gospel humility, wisdom, and encouragement). And more. Overall, grateful for a good start.


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