Adoption & Foster Care Informational Event

On January 15, churches across America will be observing Sanctity of Life Sunday. The day coincides with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and calls all who will hear to engage in the work of promoting life. But there are two ways to fight for the lives of unwanted children.

One is to oppose abortion. Last week, Siby and Stephanie came over with a movie called Sarah’s Key. As parents, Shainu and I found the film incredibly difficult to watch. This was not because it was poorly done, but quite the opposite. The movie grips you as it tells the story of French Jews that were rounded up during the Holocaust and sent to the concentration camps. In particular was the story of a little girl named Sarah who was separated from her brother, father, and eventually ripped out of her mother’s clinging hands. In one of the conversations that ensued about the movie, we found ourselves asking (as so many do), “How could the Holocaust have happened?” How could thinking, intelligent, moral human beings have allowed, participated in, or remained silently complicit to such a gut-wrenching horror? But before long, we couldn’t help but wonder if future generations will say the same thing about us and our society concerning abortion. R.C. Sproul calls abortion the ‘American holocaust’ saying,

Since that time [the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade] perhaps 50,000,000 babies have been murdered in the womb with the full protection of the state and the knowledge of the church. Abortion in America is, in the judgment of my very wise father, the greatest evil in our history. The American holocaust dwarves the evil of Nazi Germany in both numbers of the dead, and the numbers of we who know what is happening….To be silent is to be complicit. It is to tell our children and grandchildren that we are as guilty as those Germans who knew, and were silent.

So oppose abortion. Speak against it. Vote against it. Preach against it. Pray against it. Offer the gospel and grace to those who have committed it.

However there is another way to fight for the lives of unwanted children.

Support adoption! Too often, churches and Christians are only known for what they are against. However, we ought to shout even louder what we are for. We are not merely against abortion, but rather for life. And supporting adoption may be the single greatest way to fight for the lives of unborn and unwanted children. Adoption is a profound and beautiful picture of the gospel. The good news of the Christian faith is that abandoned, needy, hell-bound, rebellious, unlovely, enemies of God were adopted through Jesus and made sons and daughters of God. Russell Moore says it well when he states,

James 1:27 tells us that every Christian has a responsibility to care for widows and orphans. And that’s going to look different for different people. Not everybody’s called to adopt; not everybody’s called to foster children. But everybody’s called to care for orphans and for widows. So, the first step I think for any Christian is simply to start praying: “God, how would You have me to care for orphans?” Because we all were spiritual orphans ourselves.

And so, for some people that’s going to mean adoption. You’ve got room at that table for another person there next year. Or, for some people that’s going to mean mission trips or it’s going to mean providing financial resources to families who are adopting…And so, the first step is…simply asking, “Lord, how would you call me to show the same compassion that You showed to me in Christ in adopting me into Your family, to the orphans of the world?”

So support adoption. Encourage it. Celebrate it. Preach about it. Consider adopting. Give towards those who want to. Pray for a movement of it.

And to that end, on Sunday January 15 at 4pm, we will be hosting an Adoption & Foster Care Awareness Event. The event will be led by Bethanna and Bethany – two adoption/foster-care agencies in the city. The event will be open to the public. So if you’re considering adoption or want to know how you can support adoption, come and join us. Don’t just be against abortion, be for adoption.


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