Sabbath Rest

On Sunday, we preached through Exodus 31:12-17 and God is Coming: Who Has Time to Rest? Here are some questions for you and/or your SoulCare Community to consider in applying the text.

  1. Do you feel overwhelmed by busyness? Are you tired?
  2. Jesus said that God made the Sabbath for you. What does that tell you about God? About you?
  3. Does the Sabbath command sound like a burden or a blessing?
  4. Does busyness make you feel important/significant?
  5. What keeps you from keeping Sabbath?
  6. What truth do you need to believe to be freed to keep the Sabbath?
  7. What brings you rest? What makes you refreshed?
  8. What enlarges your heart for God? What stirs your affections for Him?

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