Why Can’t I Own Canadians?

On Sunday, we preached through Exodus 24 and the ratifying of the Covenant between God and Israel. We mentioned that chapters 21-23, and other passages like it, contain an assortment of laws that can be difficult for us to understand as Americans in 2011. Is ordering my steak medium-rare an abomination? Are all our men supposed to grow out Siby-beards? (Lev. 19:26-27) Which laws still apply? Which don’t?

We talked about three categories – civil, ceremonial, and moral – to get us started down the path of understanding these laws in a context far removed from the original one in which they were given. Today, I came across a humorous article on some of the same things. It will be helpful as you think about how we who live under the New Covenant and Jesus are supposed to understand the laws of our fathers who lived under the Old Covenant and Moses.

Here’s the article: Why Can’t I Own Canadians?


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