Gospel Community Mission: Princy Mathew

Here’s a reflection on gospel, community, and mission from Princy Mathew who is a part of the Willow Grove SoulCare Community.

So…we have been talking about missions in our SoulCare for the past 3 weeks or so. The conversation started because we were considering different ways to outreach to our community and doing some ‘mission work’. Binu, whom God is using so beautifully to ask us some difficult questions, thought that it would benefit us to consider what ‘mission’ means to each of us. I, at the time, felt that mission could be any work that you do in God’s name. Next question posed was, is it necessary to use words while on mission? I did not think that using words was necessary. Next question, if words are not used, how does mission differ from community service? That was when I realized that although it sounds like a ‘nice’ idea to share God quietly, it is necessary to use words  to share the Gospel. So, now, we are discussing why it is so difficult to use words to share God?

As these discussions have been taking place, I have been personally challenged to share God with people that I’ve known for sometime. These people are my neighbors, moms whose kids go to my girls’ school, etc…I asked God to give me the courage to push past the usual conversation of kids, vacations, weekends and take it to a different level by inviting them to our church or to a bible study that I attend locally, or simply asking if they attend church. I was amazed that it was not difficult to do these things, but the reason for that is also what we realized in our soulcare discussion; our job is not to grow a Christian, it is simply to share the Word. What a relief to know that it is not because of our words and works that someone becomes a believer in Jesus Christ, but it is simply our mission to share with others who God is–how good and great He is!


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