A Busy, Busy, Summer

Summer means take it easy. Vacation. Kick back. Enjoy the weather. However at Seven Mile Road these days, it seems like things are ramping up rather than slowing down.

Sunday School: Sarah Pache is leading the charge in (finally) getting some kind of instruction for our kids in place by the Fall. Our parents have been uber patient (thank you!). Sarah will be heading up three to four trainings for anyone interested in coming alongside parents in Biblical instruction for our young ones through Sunday School. The hope is to plan classes, map out the curriculum, and train teachers in time for our Summer BBQ where we’re hoping to recruit some kids from the neighborhood.

Summer BBQ: This will be our third crack at doing this. The key, with everything else that’s going on, is to do this with missional energy and abundant prayer. My fear is that since we’ve done this and all the basics are in place, we’ll coast. We order what needs to be ordered, throw up some fliers around the neighborhood, and put on an event. Anyone can put on an event.

A few weeks ago, True Vine Church, friends who planted around the same time we did, had their third Community Carnival. They had 1000 people show up and 40 decisions for Jesus! How amazing is that!

Now I am not envious of those numbers. God knows my heart. I celebrate what God did there and do not need Him to do the same thing with us to feel good. But what I do want is for God to do what man cannot do. Again, anyone can pull of an event. All the pieces are in place. But to have spiritual results, requires the Spirit, and that requires that we pray. God, be at work in our Summer BBQ for Your glory and the good of our neighborhood.

The City: We’re launching an online network for the church called The City. It’s a great tool. It just requires a good amount of work and attention to launch it well.

Baptism: We’re in a really important preaching series. They all are, but this one has some important ramifications for our church. We have people who come from many different backgrounds. People who have never been a part of a church sit beside people who have never missed a Sunday their whole their lives. And from the churched folks, this includes former Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostals, etc. It’s a mixed bag, which makes the whole baptism discussion particularly fun. Trying to do it all faithfully and well.

Renovations: Oh yeah, and in the middle of all this, the people of Seven Mile will be busy tearing down ceilings, demolishing walls, painting rooms, and basically retrofitting our whole space.

Happy about the work and most of all, the people who are doing it. Thankfully, laboring with the people with Seven Mile Road is a joy – even if you’re standing on a ladder pulling down the ceiling while you’re doing it.


One thought on “A Busy, Busy, Summer

  1. Black Bean Soup, Wilmington Tan, and Red Rock for colors, Seven Mile style…

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