Song of Salvation

As we wrap up the first part of The Gospel According to Exodus, this week we preached Song of Salvation from Exodus 15:1-21. We’ll start Exodus back up again in August. Here are some questions for you and/or your SoulCare Community to consider in applying the text.

1. Picture yourself as an Israelite standing on the shores of the Red Sea. What would you be feeling? What would you be thinking?

2. What place does music and singing play in your life? Why do you think singing is such a big part of the life of a believer?

3. The people sing not to get God to accept, approve, save, etc them. They sing in response to God’s acceptance, approval, salvation. When you sing/worship, are you seeking to earn His grace or responding to it?

4. What do you notice about the song in Exodus 15 (who, what, why, how)? How might that shape the way that you sing to God?


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