GCM Stories: Ashton Dennis

“They want to believe in something so badly that they pray to Greek and Egyptian gods…”

Seven Mile, throughout the year, we want to share stories of gospel, community, and mission in the life of our church. Below is an entry by Ashton and how God has given her an opportunity to talk about God through our study of Exodus. Be encouraged by her and be prayerful for her.

I have been nannying two boys for over about a year and a half. Their father was raised Jewish, but both parents do not want to influence any sort of “religion” on their kids. The boys are 8 and 10 years old and are thirsting for God. They want to believe in something so badly that they pray to Greek and Egyptian gods sometimes. They are engulfed in books such as Percy Jackson and The Red Pyramid, and have transferred this fiction into their realities. The parents have asked me to refrain from spiritual discussions unless the boys ask. Well, after last Sunday’s sermon on the plagues, I knew that that was the kind of Scripture that the boys would be engrossed by!! So at the park this past week, I was walking with one of the boys, just 10 years old, and I had the opportunity to introduce the plagues to him and he was captivated. Sadly, we ran out of time. But that night I shared with two women in my Soul Care Community and prayed for his heart to be open. The next day I went to get the boys for their guitar lessons and when he got in the car, I almost wanted to cry when he asked me to continue talking about “those plagues in Egypt”. I opened my Bible and read straight from Exodus 7. When I got to Exodus 10 and the plague of darkness, he began to question his knowledge of Ra and the other Egyptian gods. He is a very smart boy and I am just so thankful for finally getting the opportunity to share a bit of my faith with him. I now leave my Bible in the back seat of my car in hopes that he will continue to ask questions. At the conclusion of our discussion on Thursday, he said that he has been thinking that his books may be just for fun and not real…what progress from praying to the gods in these books! So, these plagues don’t necessarily have the theological implications on him yet, but his heart is stirring! Praise God! Seven Mile Road family, please pray for both boys. Also, please pray for wisdom for me and patience as I will spend dozens of hours with these boys this summer and I know God can move mountains!


One thought on “GCM Stories: Ashton Dennis

  1. Siby Varghese says:

    Ashton, I’m encouraged by this. Praying for you and the boys.

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