A Hardened Hard Heart

As we continue The Gospel According to Exodus, this week we preached A Hardened Hard Heart from Exodus 7-11 and Romans 9. We talked through the doctrines of predestination and election. No one stormed out. No one threw anything. Whew. Seriously though, so grateful for how our people sat attentively, listened humbly, and received graciously God’s Word on a really stretching passage.

Here are some questions for you and/or your SoulCare Community to consider in applying the text.

1. What stood out to you from Sunday’s sermon? What are your initial thoughts, questions, reactions?

2. Predestination and election. Are these Biblical words foreign or familiar to you? What has your experience with these doctrines been?

3. What, if anything, do you struggle with regarding predestination? What, if anything, are you encouraged by regarding predestination?


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