Entrusted with the Gospel

How could a wicked sinner like me be entrusted with the gospel and with God’s people? There is only one answer. The forgiveness and mercy of God. C.J. Mahaney preached an excellent sermon where he read this great quote from Spurgeon that captures this well:

I have always felt, in my own mind, that it was one of the clearest proofs that I had God’s forgiveness of my many sins, when I was trusted to preach the gospel. I should think that, if a prodigal came back to his father, the old gentleman would kiss him, and receive him, and rejoice greatly over him; but the next Saturday, the market-day, the old gentleman would say, “I cannot send young William to market; that would be putting temptation in his way. Here, John, you have always been with me; go to market, and buy and sell for me, for all that I have is thine. William, you stay at home with me.” He might not let him see all that he meant, but he would say to himself, “Dear boy, he is hardly fit for that great trust; I love him, but still I hardly dare trust him as much as that.” But see what my Lord did with me; when I came home to him as a poor prodigal, he said, “Here is my gospel, I will entrust you with it; go and preach it.” I bless his name that I have not preached anything else, and I do not mean to begin to do so.

Then the Lord said to me, “I will trust you with those people at Waterbeach, at New Park Street, at the Surrey Gardens, and at the Tabernacle. Go and see what you can do to bring them to heaven.” I do long to see souls saved as one great result of my ministry. But what an instance of my Lord’s love it is that he thus trusts me! That was one of the things that made Paul hold up his hands in astonishment; he said that he had been put in trust with the gospel, and he could not make it out. He was a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious, yet he was put in trust with the gospel.


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