Sleep-in-Saturday for SMR Moms

Moms, on Saturday, December 11, you get the morning to yourselves. That’s right. We’re calling it “Sleep-in-Saturday.” From 9am to 12pm, Seven Mile Road volunteers will be at our building ready to babysit your children. You can drop them off anytime after 9 and just pick them up by noon.

So what do you do? Whatever you want. Have a date-morning with your husband. Catch up on some chores. Read. Pray. Finish (or start!) some Christmas shopping. Dads, drop off the kids so mom can sleep in! Whatever you want.

December can be a crazy month. Hopefully this small gesture will give you a few hours to slow down. So moms (and dads), take advantage. If you know some parents, a single-mom, someone in the city who could use this, please feel free to pass this along. Just let us know who is coming so we can plan accordingly. And if you’re available to help love some kids and serve some parents on December 11, we could use your help. Volunteer here.


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