Round One of Doubt Night

Last Thursday, we gathered for Doubt Night in the upstairs room of St. Mark’s to begin our first round of dialogue. The topic: Exclusivity. 13 showed up. That’s a record! After presenting an overview on the topic for a few minutes, we opened up the floor for discussion. We ended up staying there for two hours and I found it hard to end the night…in a good way.

As I study and prep for these nights, two things are continually happening in my understanding: God is immense and I know very little.

The president of my alma mater told me a few months ago as I sat with him, “The longer the shoreline of knowledge, the broader the continent of ignorance. When there is genuine acquisition of knowledge, it can’t help but make you think ‘I’m not even scratching the surface on this thing.’ I am being captured by the mystery of the majesty of Truth. All the books in every library and every discourse that has ever taken place could not encompass the expanse of God.

Yet, the pursuit to understand Him more only intensifies in my heart. I want to know this God. I want others to know Him too.

Today as I was prepping at Starbucks, I had the opportunity to talk with a lady from Korea who has lived in Philly for several years. She shared some of her story with me and I was very moved. Ended up praying with her at the end and invited her out to church. I was so thankful that God allowed me to be a part this.

Let us continue to be on mission for our God in this city and be conscious of those around us in everyday life, work, and leisure. Pray for our Doubt Nights. Pray that God would do a work that only His grace can do.


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