Our Next Preaching Series

Coming Soon…
We just spent the first four months in the life of our new church in a preaching series called Talks With Jesus listening in on various conversations that Jesus had with various people throughout His life. We’re going to append this series by giving a 7 week look at one more conversation in particular. It’s a conversation in Luke 24 that Jesus has with two disciples after His resurrection.

It’s a great story.  So much so, we named the church after it! It begins with two men walking a seven mile road from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. They’re completely downcast because it had only been a few days since Jesus had been crucified and killed. They had hoped He was the One who would redeem Israel. But with His death, all their hopes were dashed and they were left devastated. All of a sudden, an unexpected traveler joins them on their journey. He walks the road with them and jumps in on their conversation. As the journey continues, the stranger begins to unfold the Scriptures to them. His words connect at the deepest level and set their hearts ablaze. As they reach their destination, they plead with the sojourner to stay. He concedes and they sit down at a table to share a meal. As he takes bread, blesses it, and breaks it, their eyes are dramatically opened.


This whole time, He was right next to them and they didn’t even know it. They had heard rumors of a resurrection but figured they were just the delusions of desperate women. But now they saw Him for themselves. Alive. They get it. They get Him. And they can’t keep it to themselves. At once, they run the seven mile road back to tell everyone they can about Jesus.

We love that story and long for it to become the story of our church. Coming soon, we’re going to see why.

Reasons for the series…
1. To orient people to the core essentials and identities of Seven Mile Road Church. It will be good for us, early in the life of our church, to have communicated these essentials from the pulpit. It will also give people who are new to our community a chance to hear what we are about.

2. To begin the new year and this new season on the same page. My prayer is that God will use this series to unite us around one vision and set the tone for what we’re working towards.

3. Hopefully, this coupled with the series to follow will provide a good platform from which to run Member classes and then have church membership in mid 2010.

Excited to walk the seven mile road with you!


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