An Evening of Eschatology

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The video above is 2 hours long.

Ok, once you get past that, I’m telling you it’s better than the last five times you sat on the couch and watched a two hour movie. The video is a round table discussion between four men (John Piper, Sam Storms, Doug Wilson, and Jim Hamilton) about eschatology or “end times.” Here are three quick thoughts.

1. It’s good because it gets your mind thinking about weightier, meatier things. Christians are called to love God with our heart, soul, strength, and mind. I had a professor in seminary who pleaded with us to take time just to think. Think. Ravi Zacharias, the great teacher and apologist, has named his teaching ministry, “Let My People Think.” Consider the way most of us watch TV or movies. We sit on the couch disengaged mentally, absorbing mindlessly whatever is on the screen. Like a glutton in front of a buffet, we take it all in indiscriminately. We don’t chew, we inhale. The challenge before us, before me, is to be an active participant, engaging, thinking, reacting, and responding to the stuff I watch. Anyway, I found myself pausing several times throughout the video, checking Bible references, thinking, and thinking, and thinking.

2. The four men in the video love Jesus, love the Scriptures, love truth, love each other, and yet disagree passionately. They model robust theological dialogue that maintains a spirit of unity. They unite on the essentials, celebrate the Gospel that connects them, and yet differ on the details. Jesus will return, make all things new, and believers will enjoy eternal life with Him. Yes! How and when does all that happen? Well…

3. Theology is not just for seminary professors and PhDs. Every Christian is a theologian. Sam Storm’s plea at the end of the video for every believer to study the Scriptures, to engage in such meaningful conversations is a good one. I was encouraged at the end to be reminded that though I am not in the league of these men and do not have their intellect, I get to think about this stuff with them.

I know, I know…giving up watching all the quality films out this week will be tough, but trust me, we’ll make it.


One thought on “An Evening of Eschatology

  1. John says:

    hey awesome! Thanks for pointing to that. A great of example of what a civil evangelical (as opposed to fundamentalist) theological conversation should feel. Not mean spirited arguing. These are incredibly intelligent and different guys but the mood is SOOOOOOOOO encouraging. –John

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