Reflecting on Soul Care (Part 5)

Dennis Mathew, one of the participants of our first run of Soul Care reflects on his experience. We’re getting ready to launch three Soul Care Communities in November. If you’re at Seven Mile Road, get ready to jump in.

I really had no idea what to expect when Ajay said we were going to start “Soul Care” groups.  Even the name sounded a little funny to me.  I assumed this was just a fancy term for bible study or small group, but turns out that this is much different than anything I experienced in the past.  When he first described Soul Care he indicated we would come together weekly and study the word and then break out into groups of men and women to share about our week and pray for each other.  I thought, that’s interesting, he wants us to share.  What does that mean?  Is he really interested in knowing about what I ate for lunch and what TV shows I watched?  I’m not used to sharing that much information with people :), but I’ll give it a shot.  He clarified that the sharing was to be at a very deep and personal level.  It’s not a time to share superficial things like what we ate earlier in the day, but to share our weaknesses and sins, to hold each other accountable, and to push each other to grow as Christians, husbands, fathers and men.  The first couple weeks were definitely difficult.  How could we ever really share at such an intimate level?  How could we break through the walls we were so accustomed to keeping/maintaining around our lives?  We are guys which come from a community not used to sharing so the whole concept was foreign to us.  Ajay set the tone by sharing on a personal level right from the beginning.  This really challenged us to open up and to allow other men to look into our lives.  It was amazing to see what God did over the next few months.  He allowed us to share in ways we never imagined we would.  Over the course of a few months we grew in many ways, forged deep friendships and developed a brotherhood with men who could hold us accountable to live for the glory of God.  It was clearly God at work, but we had to be willing to take the risk.  I praise God we did!


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