Guest Preachers


Hugely excited that in this season there will be a few times where Seven Mile Road’s pulpit will be filled by someone other than me. It will be so good for me and for our young church to hear other voices besides mine.

This week, we have Reid Monaghan from Jacob’s Well. Reid is a fellow planter and brother in the A29 Network out in Jersey. The name of his church comes from John 4 and the conversation Jesus has with the Samaritan woman by Jacob’s well. This also happens to be one of the conversations we’ll be looking at in our Talks with Jesus series. This passage being close to his heart, I immediately thought of asking Reid to come and preach it for us and he graciously accepted.

Then in November, we have Angelo Juliani, planter and pastor of Bridge Church here in Philly. I met with Angelo one morning to talk about prayer at Seven Mile Road and he turned the conversation on me and made it about my personal prayer life. The conversation cut me to the heart and I learned a bit about prayer in just one encounter with him. One of the conversations in our series is where Jesus is talking with his disciples and they ask Him to teach them how to pray. I’m excited to have Angelo preaching that one for us and hope that Seven Mile Road matures in prayer.

Sometime before the end of the year, we’re trying to see if we can get one of the Seven Mile Boston pastors to come down as well. Long term, the goal is to raise up other pastors and preachers – but for now, I’m so glad to share our pulpit with these men.


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