Reflecting on Soul Care (Part 2)

Below is another reflection by one of the participants of our first run of Soul Care. We’re getting ready to launch three Soul Care Communities in November. If you’re at Seven Mile Road, get ready to jump in. The following is written by Siby Varghese.

Monotony is a rather effortless condition to stumble into. To walk through life without much shift or growth is easy because it is familiar. Nothing to contest your reasoning. No one to pick or prod at your life. Being present for a Sunday corporate gathering is indeed a good thing.Though one must ask, what transpires thereafter? Should there not be an avenue in which folks could gather to share their lives, peel away at pretension & challenge one another toward godliness, pursue the words of the Scriptures & have thoughtful dialogue of its truth, in hopes to live life passionately for Christ, the One whom has given us life itself?

I almost feel like a salesman when I say… “Yes, there is such a thing and you’ve come to the right place!”

I have had the privilege of being part of a Soul Care community at 7MR for a few months now. Previously, I have been committed to a few other corporate Bible study groups, and they have certainly offered great clarity to my understanding of God and Scripture. Since I have been part of this community however, I have been able to not only go deeper in God’s word, but also to share my heart, struggles, joys, and life with my brothers and sisters. It has been both refreshing and encouraging. And it has become vital to my spiritual growth. If I miss one, I feel as though the week is not complete!

This journey of faith does not have to be walked alone. In fact, it was not meant to be. Soul Care is a place where people who love God and His Word can come alive and truly grow in Christ, and for me, the relationships that have been formed here are certainly invaluable!


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