Community Bash

We’re planning to throw a Community Bash to end the summer. On Saturday, August 29 we’re going to be hosting a Free Community BBQ and showing a movie on the front lawn of the church where we meet. We’ve got a couple of acres of grass for folks in the neighborhood to sprawl across. So the plan is to start with a good-ole BBQ at 6pm. We’ll have free food for the folks who show up. A few local vendors may also be donating to the event. We’re looking into having a moonbounce, face-painting,  and games for kids, and a volleyball net as well. Then, once it gets darker out, around 8, we’ll be showing a family movie on a large inflatable screen.

We contacted the Greater Bustleton Civic Association and they graciously passed out about 60 fliers for the event to their members.  The local Starbucks also kindly put our flier on their community board. Our hope is to have a positive event for our community, and to have a chance to meet, befriend, and serve our neighbors. Our dream is for Seven Mile Road Church to be a blessing for the people around us.

So if you live in Northeast Philly, come out on August 29 for dinner and a movie on us! We’d love to meet you.

Cars Flyer Pic


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