Facebook Reunion

A few months ago, Shainu started a Facebook account.  It didn’t take long before she became a Facebook junky.  One friend led to another, and before you knew it, she was in over her head.  A never-ending stream of pictures to upload, comments to make, virtual friendships to maintain.  It was quite a rush.  Initially we had a joint account: Ajay & Shainu Thomas.  And at first that was fine.  I’m all for being one.  But then, since I didn’t use the account much, everything had a very feminine feel.  Like our status updates always read something like, Ajay & Shainu are baking banana bread or Ajay & Shainu are going shopping. Woo Hoo!  At that point, it became obvious that we needed a Facebook break-up (Yes, our marriage is fine).

Needless to say, I got my own Facebook account.  And now, I get what hooked Shainu.  Over the last two weeks, I have connected with friends that I haven’t seen in 9-10 years.  For example, I Facebooked (is that the right verb?) a girl that I went to high school with.  We had been good friends, but hadn’t seen or talked since graduation.  Well it turns out she’s gotten married…and get this…lives in Philadelphia.  

So last night, Shainu and I had my friend and her husband over for dinner.  What a blast. I asked about every kid in high school I could think of.  My friend, she had done a better job of staying in touch, though I had promised to do so in every Yearbook I signed.  The four of us had a great time together.  

They asked what brought us to Philadelphia and we told them about Jesus and the desire to plant a church. I haven’t preached in like 3 months and they suffered for it.  But they were so kind.  They listened with interest and spoke honestly and humbly of being in a place where they were searching for what they believed.  I loved both – their honesty and humility.  

Anyway, the night was so much fun.  We hung out together for like 5 hours until it was so late and none of us could stop yawning.  I hope we get to hang out with them again soon.  And all that through Facebook.  Thanks Shainu.


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