7 Mile Road…what’s that?

I get my hair cut at a barbershop in Malden. Really, the likelihood of me going to this place is nil. For one, the barber is a woman. I grew up getting my hair cut by old Italian men who talked to me about food and football. The idea of a woman giving me a fade was foreign to me. And two, the haircut costs me $20. That’s like four haircuts back in Long Island. (Sure it was like playing Russian roulette every time, but for 5 bucks, I didn’t care.)

Anyway, I walked into this shop about a year ago and I was immediately put at ease when I saw a picture of Tom Brady on the wall. When I sat down at the chair, I found out that my barber could hold a conversation about the Monday Night game even better than Phil and Joe back in Long Island. And she cut hair better too. So I kept going back.

Over time, she came to learn that I was a pastor at a local church in Malden. And so I would ask her about her son, and she would ask me about the church. This last time, I told her, “Yeah, church is great. We actually just changed our name to 7 Mile Road Church.”

So she said, “Oh great. Wait, what? 7 Mile Road…what’s that?”

My soul started to drool.

And so I told her. “There’s this great story …and Jesus comes back …2 guys were walking…7 miles away…shows them Scripture…hearts burned…eat together…they finally see…. run back to tell…And that’s what we want our church to be about!”

You know what happened? We talked about Jesus for the next 30 minutes. It was awesome. She shared her story and asked a bunch of questions. We talked about the holiness of God and why Jesus died and how we could only get to God through Him and why religion or moralism was never enough. We kept talking and talking and she kept cutting and cutting. By the end, it was by far the shortest haircut I’ve ever gotten. I loved it – both the haircut and the conversation. I am praying that God would extend grace to this dear woman. I had told her about the Carmen Dei CD and so last week I stopped by to give her one. She was so grateful. I can’t wait to find out what she thought. My hair can’t grow back fast enough.

There’s a bunch of people at church here in Boston who have gotten opportunities to talk about Jesus because of the name of the church. I hope God does that same thing a thousand times over as we tell people in Philadelphia that we go to 7 Mile Road Church. May our name constantly open doors for conversations about Jesus and His Gospel.


One thought on “7 Mile Road…what’s that?

  1. We are praying for you from ‘literally the other side of the globe.’ Our journeys, though different have a lot of similarites. Life with God is a faith adventure par excellence . . . . but when you start a South Asian church . . . the walk and talk of many Indian Christians needs spiritual alignment, positioning and truth talking. The challenges to biblical obedience and sacrifice seperates the talkers from the walkers! Oh, how we need more South Asian Christians who walk the talk.

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